Monday, September 14, 2009

Out with the old.....In with the new!

Well as the first day of Autumn is nearing I thought what a better way to end the Summer months than to start something new~Simply Junkin! After becoming a stay at home mom and adjusting to the one income I have become very "thrifty"I guess you could say.I am very inspired by the Farm Chicks Serena and Teri(even though Teri has decided to retire as a Farm Chick~sad) and have adapted to their "Junkin" ways! I hope that this helps all the other stay at home moms out there that need a little inspiration just like I did!

Earlier this Summer at an Summer art show I fell in love with these "Berry Colanders"! But being a "Junk" nut I waited and just new I would find one soon enough....last week I found this Blue Enamel one for $4.99!Happy "Junkin"!

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  1. *blush* Thanks for mentioning The Farm Chicks. Best of luck with your new blog!